Offroad Vehicle Kawasaki PRAIRIE Service Manual. All terrain vehicle Offroad Vehicle Kawasaki Brute Force 4x4i EPS Owner’s Manual. ( pages). Title: Kawasaki Prairie KVF Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD, Author: Diana Kunkle, Length: 2 pages, Published: KVF All Terrain Vehicle. Service Manual. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, Read OWNER’S MANUAL before operating.

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Speed Sensor Connector 6. Lubri- cation points are called out throughout this manual, apply the specific oil or grease as specified.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. If the corrugated fins are deformed, carefully straighten them with the blade of a thin screw driver. Cover for US Model, 3. Moreover, this service may not necessarily provide electronic owner’s manuals and supplementary materials including errata hereafter referred to as “electronic owner’s manuals, etc.

The oil cooler fan is connected directly to the bat- tery and may start even if the ignition switch is off. Special Tool – Flywheel Holder: If the limiter has wear, discoloration, or other damage, replace it as a unit. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Engine Oil Flow Chart Do not reuse the air valve. Rear Parking Brake Cable 6.

Kawasaki Prairie 360 4×4 Owner’s Manual

Problems associated with the hardware, software, and Internet connection occurring on the customer’s personal nanual while using this service 3. Check the oil level before each use and change the oil and filter according to the periodic maintenance chart. Output Driven Shaft 7. Sealant – Liquid Gasket, TB If the relay does not work as specified, the relay is defec- tive. Carburetor Drain Plug Wrench, Hex 3: Belt dirty or worn Main jet clogged Drive or driven pulley sheave dirty or worn Engine Oil and Oil Filter Ring Gear Right Shim s 3.


Output Driven Bevel Gear 6.

Interruption, delay, or stoppage of the system, loss of data, unauthorized access to data, or unauthorized revision due to interference in the communication circuit or computer 5. This helps the tire beads slip off the rim flanges. Tire Inspection Deflate the tire to the specified pressure.

Removal may damage them. Main Fuse 30 A 6.

Torque – Starter Motor Bolts: Gear Case Right Cover 7. If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully. This service is offered for the convenience of our customers. Spread the rail open with your thumbs. Now the front wheels are parallel to each other and to the center line of the vehicle.

Kawasaki Prairie – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Torque – Ignition Coil Mounting Bolt: Torque – Alternator Stator Bolts: A bent fork could cause difficulty in shifting, or allow the transmission to jump out of gear when under power.

If any wiring is defective, replace the damaged wiring. Battery Vent Hose If the tire is cut or cracked, replace it. Special Tool – Spring Holder Set: Keep the battery away from sparks and open flames during charging. Pinion Gear Holder, m1.


Air Temperature Sensor 4. Customer being unable to properly use this service for whatever reason 2. As a rule, the electronic owner’s manuals provided by this service are those that were originally issued at the time the products were released.

Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie ATV Online Service Manual

Pad overworn or worn unevenly Tire worn Oil, grease on pads and disc Wheel rim warped Disc worn or warped Rear axle runout excessive Brake overheated Wheel bearing worn Rear Brake: If the lining thickness of either pad is less than the service limit [B], replace both pads in the caliper as a set. Speedometer other than US Model 7. If necessary, tap lightly around the base of the cylin- der with a plastic mallet, taking care not to damage the cylinder.

Pinion Gear Bearing Holder 6. Spider Shoe Side Clearance Adjustment Pad Lining Thickness Standard: If the filter screens have any breaks or are deteriorated, it may allow dirt to kaawasaki the carburetor, causing poor run- ning. Clamp on Torque Converter Cover