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It is removed automatically. The special material used to construct the fridge liner prevents bacterial, microorganism and mould growth.

Uytkownik jest zobowizany do oddania go prowadzcym zbieranie zuytego sprztu elektrycznego i elektronicznego. Always replace broken seals. NL Geachte Klant, De vriezer biedt u een verbinding van makkelijke bediening en uitstekende efficiency.

Di- stribute them evenly l over the shelves. Use this for storing butter and cheese. Therearwalloftherefrigerator,inparticu- lar, the condenser and other elements of thecoolingsystemmustnotcontactother elements, which may damage them, e. Naley zawsze wymieni uszkodzon uszczelk. Disconnecting the mains l Make sure the appliance can be easily disconnec- ted from the mains, either by pulling the plug out of the mains socket, or by switching the two-pole switch off fig.

Any remaining adhesive stains may be removed with a mild washing agent. Ifthecapillarytubeisdamagedbytheuser the guarantee will be void fig. The socket must be fitted properly, and must be supplied with an earthing conduit and a 10A fuse.

Die Flaschen und Dosen platzen! If the refrigerant makes contact with the eyes, rinse them with clean water and call for medical assi- stance immediately. Plastic bags, polyethylene and aluminium sheets are the best wrapping materials.

The Antibacteria System pro- longs the freshness of food. Taking out and putting in the door shelf Lift the door shelf, remove it and put it back from the top into its required position fig. Return food to the fridge or freezer as soon as possible after you have used it so that it does not warm up too much.


Do not use adapters, multiple sockets and two-wire extension leads.

The socket must be fitted properly, and must be supplied with an earthing conduit and a 10A fuse. If it is necessary to transport the fridge-freezer, pack it in the polystyrene elements and film as well as instruukcja ing it with scotch tape l Clean the interior surface of the fridge- freezer and the elements of the equipment with a washing agent dissolved in lukewarm water, then wipe it dry. Chlodziarko-zamraarka przeznaczona jest wylcznie do uytku domowego.

The refrige- rant is flammable.

Pozwala na zamroenie wieej ywnoci o masie do 1 kg. This will not affect the condition of the stored foodstuff, and the temperature will quickly return to its set value. This will ensure the possibility of storing the food at the ambient temperature for a longer time.

AMICA UKS Fridge/ Refrigerator download manual for free now – 3AC2F |

Do not allow frost layers thicker than 10 mm to form. Nicht zulassen, dass das Wasser in die Bedien- blende oder Beleuchtung gelangt.

EN Dear Customer, This fridge-freezer combines exceptional user-friendliness and excellent efficiency. Obse- rve the guidelines contained in the manual Too much warm food loaded at a time – wait 72 hours until the food becomes cool freezes and the required temperature is reached inside the chamber Internal air circulation obstructed – place the food and containers in such a way that amiva do not touch the rear wall of the fridge The air circulation at the back of the appliance is obstructed – move the appliance min.


The cans and instgukcja bottles may explode. If the capillary tube is amkca by the user the guarantee will be void fig.

Instrukcjz must not climb inside the drawers and swing on the doors. Prior to dispatch, each unit was carefully checked for its safety and operating capabilities.

Amica FK268.3 S AA manual

By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Amica FK If this file was helpful. Always replace broken seals. Aby odszroni komor zamraarki, na le y: The manufacturer will not be held liable for any damage or injury which may result from the failure to fulfil this requirement. Repairs car- ried out by persons who do not have the requ- ired qualifications may result in serious danger for the user of the appliance.

Natomiast zastosowana nowoczesna technologia i przyjazna dla rodowiska izolacja powoduje niskie zuycie energii. Please make sure that you instrucja your difficulty with the Amica FK Nie naley uytkowa jej w piwnicy, sieni, w nie ogrzewanym domku letniskowym jesieni i zim. Das Gefriergut sollte kleinportioniert sein.

Alternatively, place pads made of soft material under the rear rollers, especially when the appliance amics placed on tiles. The storage time for frozen products depends on their quality before freezing when fresh, and on the storage temperature.

Any remaining adhesive stains may be removed with a mild washing agent.