Free download of asus k42jc user manual. troubleshooting help from experts and users. ask our large community for support.. Asus laptop k42j manual. Asus laptop k42j manual – umbooksdownload download asus replacement laptop batteries asus notebook battery pdf || download replace. Asus K42J Can’t Power On Because HDD Broken

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Finally, separate the palmrest assembly from the laptop base. Using Recovery Partition If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one by one not both at the same time.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings

Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models Sir I have a k40ij laptop just like on the picture and my problem is it is not booting. Drive Activity Indicator About This User’s Manual Do you have any idea how to reset de bios password?

Is there a fuse on the motherboard for this laptop? But uhm, I feel like this might be a stupid question but… Which one is the motherboard?


asus laptop k42j manual

Pete, Cured, not exactly sure manuall the problem was, I pulled the power supply connection plug off, checked the connections, plugged it back in and it powered maunal. Justin, I have a K50IJ and when it attempts to power on, the power button light and the power light on the front of the laptop turn on for about 1. I figured I should post my findings here incase anyone else comes across a similair problem in the future.

Are you taking it apart just to clean the cooling fan? Any suggestions before I open up and have a look? Everything is almost identical. All pictures are there.

Power button seems to work fine but nothing I do gets power on.

Asus K42JC Manuals

Dvd-rom Drive Information Please refer specification pages for full details. Guide helped me a lot!

Is it the whole thing underneath the memory and CMOS battery? Unfortunately i have managed to get a dvd stuck inside the laptop not the dvd drive How i can i get this out in the simplest way?

Using Battery Power Hallo, Could you give a picture k24j a solutions for clear cmos…. Super good instructions on how to take this laptop apart, etc. When switching power on button the asus logo appears and maybe 5 to 7 seconds it turns off then asus logo appears again just like when it turns on then turns off again and again.


Are there any more screws or attachments that I need to open, or I just need to use more force. Remove screws located under the keyboard.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings |

On the following picture the connector is shown in unlocked position. Introducing The Notebook Pc Hi Can you upgrade the video graphics card for the K40IN? Keyboard As Pointers Until two weeks ago it was working find.

Test it with an external monitor.