Avolites Pearl Tiger Manual. Avolites Pearl Tiger Manual. By Lisa,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. inability to use the Tiger Touch even if Avolites Ltd. has been advised of the possibility The Pearl Expert Titan application is the “engine room” of the console. Pearl Tiger. Operator’s Manual. Pearl Manual – 16th July Useful Avolites phone numbers:Avolites England Sales and service* Service out of hours*.

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Is there a spare key inside the desk? Extracting values you have already recorded and dumping into the programmer is a quick way to build looks based on programming work you have already done.

This article gives you a peek at the tips and tools you need to become a better Pearl operator once you have got the hang of recording a memory. As far as I am aware you can edit the file that sets the parameters of shapes in a text editor, if you want to do that the best place for information would be the Avo forums.

You can repatch the DMX to another handle faderwhich essentially moves it BUT it also loses all programmed information tiber that fixture — effectively starting again.

The desk is in service mode.

Rob Sayer April 14, at 1: Comment Name Email will not be published Website. Saravanan March 9, at 6: Thank you for a good tutorial! I like the size of the tiger and mqnual looks sexy,lol… I have mostly been hacking away at it and though I make it work I mostly run shows in the program mode. Having selected our Spots with 2 keystrokes, we might want to navigate around that group adjusting parameters.


Avolites Pearl Tiger Manual – SFL

A good lighting desk should have a half decent set of fixture selection tools. Mark W-E April 13, at Have googled, no luck: Rob Sayer January 24, at 1: The Align Fixtures option aligns all parameters. The Pearl gives you the option to Pfarl individual attributes using the selection buttons on the right.

Ric April 24, peaarl This kind of consideration is important outside of a theatre stack style, where every cue comes in a known sequence. Jim December 20, at 9: Hey Saravanan, sorry avoites hear that.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Have you followed the steps at the bottom of the simulator downloads page? The can be useful when creating a one-shot chase for some fancy changes. Sean March 9, at 9: I found it misplaced now. Does anybody know where you can sell your second hand pearl keyboard?

I would hesitate to call this a full Advanced Pearl Programming Tutorial but more of a heads up on what the desk has to offer to to advance your skills as a Pearl operator.

Dear Rob, I lost my avolite pearl key. This pulls only the positional information from Submaster 1 and puts it into the Programmer.

Email will not be published.

Avolites Pearl Tiger Manual

Rob Sayer October 4, at Everything seems different, stuff like the pan and tilt wheels are even flip flopped. I am not an Avo personaility file guru but it coud be possible at. To selectively remove attributes such as just Colour or Tilt, you can choose the parameters using the attribute buttons again.


Hi Rob, I short the middle and right pin and it went to avoliyes mode. I have a pearl tiger at my disposal and a few cheap Eurolite LedBars. Choosing EXIT No extracts all the Gobo values from the Submaster — Good if you wanted to include the whole cue, but forgot that you had some fixtures selected.

This adds only the Pan and Tilt information in the Programmerleaving the rest of the cue untouched. Using colour mixing avolitess, you get the option to align each colour flag e. DAT file and that it is correctly loaded. Just remember that the group will align to the first fixture you select. The Off function can tidy up cues or be used as a tool to create extremely versatile playback situations.

R20 text file level — trouble is, you would have to create custom personalities for every fixture you every want to use. That sets up Remove for janual fixtures. Rob December 23, at 9: December 17, By Rob Sayer in Tutorials It involves running the app in a legacy compatibility mode.

Im just getting into lighting and was wondering where I can find the link for the simulator? Often called Record Remove, it allows the operator to select fixtures, avolltes and then use a Record command to delete them.

Include can be used in pearo of way to copy programming, adjust it and save it away somewhere else.