Marian Victor ZAMFIR1. Abstract. The analysis of .. Pro Universitaria, București. 6. Preda, M., () Comportamentul organizational, Editura Polirom, Iaşi. Preda, Preda, M., (), Comportamentul organizational, Ed. Polirom, Iaşi . Google Scholar. Predescu and Ghiţescu, Predescu, T. CURRICULUM VITAE. 1. Family name: Preda. 2. First names: Dr. Marian. 3. Date of birth: 4. Nationality: Romanian. 5. Civil status: Married, 2 children.

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Some authors consider the communication crisis as representing an interruption in the flow of information inside the organization, between the organization and the extra organizational environment, that makes it possible for the dialog and negotiation to take place, the final issue being the confrontation in the communicational environment up to a point where the organizational and communicational identity can be lost.

Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective. International Migration Report However, similar 1 The reason for looking at both youth unemployment rates and ratios is that a use of only the unemployment rate can produce a distorted picture when comparing the youth labour markets of different countries.

The immigration of high-skilled workers has an additional beneficial effect. Raising the wages of low-skilled workers has the effect of reducing income inequality and poverty which in most economies is considered desirable and reducing the extent of government income transfers from the taxpayers to the recipient of welfare and unemployment compensation benefits.

The low level of salaries mainly affects non-physicians and young resident physicians. The communicational crisis generates the image crisis of the organization — the internal communicational conflicts of the organization affect its identity, the forming mechanism and the promoting of the self image, which is interrupted.

Foreign businesses were attracted by Romania’s skilled labour force and low wages. Second, in many countries a significant portion of the cost of education is paid for out of fiscal revenues. A series of conclusions point to the fact that urbanization is linked to forms of deviance; some of their traits and manifestations are the following M. They head for richer countries to study or train, and choose to seek permanent residence or migrate there after completing their education.

The efficient solving of crises depends mainly on the conception regarding crises, depends on theories that are the base of these conceptions and concrete ways of solving. The impulse to start the current research is represented by the ascertainment that in the universe of communication there is a persistence of uncertainties regarding the place and the functions of communicational relationship in the processes of communication.


Thus, there is much that the developing countries can do to minimize the loss and maximize the benefits to their economic development from high-skilled emigration.

By interrupting the information flow or by deforming the functional messages that the organizations send in the external environment, the possibility of its actions is reduced. There are significant imbalances in the territorial distribution of physicians.

The solving of an image crisis is not solely the responsibility of the managers of the institution, it is also the responsibility of all the members, because the final purpose is to maintain the reputation of the institution.

In an organization that is in a communicational crisis the hierarchical levels are no longer recognized, and the emotional way of expressing replaces the rational one.


Oslo, Norvegia, iunie. We help the emergence to be seen and delineate the criteria for the comprehension of communicational relationships: Concerning gender distribution, data show that in the Romanian health system, female physicians are predominant, their number being twice as high as the number of males. There is no information available to track the return of Romanian health workers after a temporary job or after the end of a scholarship.

For example, the environment problems or those related to the ecosystem have put in danger the gold business — the Rosia Montana case. Presses universitaires de France, The human capital that has emigrated may return home after a few years or decades bringing along accumulated knowledge, skills, contacts, access to international best practices and possible financial capital, with the ensuing contribution to national development.

The degree of trust, notoriety and legitimacy organizationwl, thus creating the premises for an image crisis. The emotional vacuum is represented according to the age when the emigrant left his native place and the relations with his old vernacularity.

Theoretical and practical prospects on crises 2. Currently in the European Union, migration, especially of the economically motivated type, is more sensitive to pull than to push factors. It is more advantageous for trans-national corporations to employ returning host-country professionals who are familiar with the local organizatipnal, customs and market opportunities.

The incident triggers the malfunctioning of a component, the interruption in the activity of the organization or of a subsystem of the organization;1 for example, the malfunctioning of a component that can be replaced. Furthermore, there is not wide acceptance of the terms and definitions used for migration.

Nu mi-am ales inca o temaexacta, m-am gandit ca cel mai bine estesa fac acest lucru sub indrumarea unuiprofesor. June 8, volume 6 issue 5 sponsored by dri members can choose from a range of insurance programs including life, disability, major medical, and long term. They can contact the cultural institution belgo-roumaine Arthis, which deals with the social aspects of the romanian emigrants from Belgium and give all the details about the regularity papers. While still high and above average, youth unemployment rates in Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Greece, but also Italy and Bulgaria have decreased significantly compared to the beginning of the decade.


The role of the midwife is similar to that of a medical assistant. Cusson also examines the relation between urbanization and delinquency.

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When looking at absolute numbers, both youth unemployment and employment have decreased in recent years for the EU as a whole. Because prfda the crisis, all that the organization does well is now perceived as bad. The international migration, becoming today a global phenomenon that countries from all the regions of the world are confronting with, is directly proportional with the complexity of the evolutions in politics, in the social, financial, economical, ecological, humanitarian areas in the micro or macro geographical areas.

However, they are significantly lower in comparison with the European Union average- almost half. The first effect — it consists in threatening the whole area or the whole field of activity and also the entire organization that is related to the crisis. Third, the loss of key predq can render more difficult the delivery of critical social services, such as health care and education. From a liberal perspective tributary to Kantian theory, the self is prior to social roles and relationships, which enables individual reason to value and rank them.


Nerveless this Europeanization is not homogenous. It is very important before evaluating an event to precisely establish which is the organization that needs to be taken into account. In a fundamental sense, xomportament three factors of production are also complements in production. Thus, the competition between these countries has emphasized and special measures were undertaken by the countries involved in order to attract highly skilled workers and keep them in the some particular fields information technology, cmoportament.

Juta and Company Ltd.

However, males are predominant within the better-paid specialities such as: La seconde question est: For example, in retail establishments low-skilled workers can be replaced by electronic scanners high-skilled workers and capital.