Datalogic is a world-class producer of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers and vision systems. We offer innovative solutions for many industrial. Skorpio X3 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 8. View and Download Datalogic Skorpio X3 user manual online. Skorpio X3. Skorpio X3 Desktop pdf manual download.

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Owners of Datalogic products are hereby granted a non- exclusive, revocable license to reproduce and transmit this documentation for the purchaser’ s own internal business purposes. Full-alphanumeric Keyboard 50 Keys Connecting to Other Computers The Skorpio X3 pistol grip version takes advantage of the best handle and trigger in the siorpio industry.

Compact size and light weight combine to offer excellent balance, and superior handling. All skorlio are listed below: Therefore the first operation to perform is to charge them. To access the microSD card slot and insert the card, proceed as follows: Turn off the Skorpio X3.

Pull the battery latch down and remove the battery pack Lock the card into place by pushing the cardholder down and then shifting it downwards: Insert the battery’s alignment lugs into the recesses, then press firmly until the battery latch clicks twice.

Skorpio X3 or catalogic microSD card itself. Do not force the card. If datalogid feel resistance, remove the card, check the orientation, and reinsert it. Use of an alternative power supply will invalidate any approval given to this device and may be dangerous.

The charging LED will flash red when a charging error is detected see par. The stand alone battery pack may be recharged outside a Skorpio X3 using the spare battery charging slot on the back of a single slot dock, an Ethernet four slot dock, or a four slot battery charger.

Never charge the main device or spare batteries in a closed space where excessive heat can build up. The battery level may display incorrectly for several minutes after the Skorpio X3 is disconnected from its charger if the charging cycle is not completed.

Pull the battery latch down as indicated in the figure below: Remove the battery pack. Using the battery pack in this manner may also result in a loss of performance and a shortened life expectancy. Use only a Datalogic approved power supply. The use of an alternative power supply will void the product warranty, may cause product damage and may cause heat, an explosion, or fire.

In this case, either substitute a sufficiently charged battery, insert NOTE the Skorpio X3 into a powered cradle, or plug it into a wall charger. To maximize battery life, turn off radios when they are not needed. Do not use alcohol, corrosive products or solvents. Use a soft dry cloth as suggested above.


Support for Skorpio X3

Once the host computer has been turned on, insert the Skorpio X3 mobile computer into the cradle. For all these devices datakogic current draw must be less than mA. For models using the Use only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna. Unauthorized antennas, modifications or attachments could damage the product and may violate laws and regulations. The antennas inside the Skorpio X3 are not user-accessible and cannot be replaced by end users.

Hospitals or health care facilities may use equipment manuao could be sensitive to external RF energy. To recalibrate the touch screen use the Stylus applet see par. Use only original Datalogic styluses supplied with the product itself. In harsh applications, use of screen protectors should be taken into consideration, in order to extend the touch screen operating life. Most manuap are a single stroke.

Windows CE supports five kinds of gestures. A tap represents the left click of a mouse. To configure and enable data capture parameters refer to par. The lighted band emitted by the laser must completely cross the barcode as shown in the figure below. The field of view changes its size as you move the reader closer or farther away from the code. The field of view indicated by the aiming system eatalogic will be smaller when the Skorpio X3 Imager is closer to the code and larger when it is farther from the code.

Blue modifier one shot key: It is placed on the upper left side of the terminal. Function of the key when directly pressed. Modified by the Yellow key, repeated presses cycle through the letters shown on the keyboard overlay for each key. If enabled, it also wakes up the mobile computer from low- power see par.

For pistol grip models only, the trigger performs the same function as the SCAN key. After a Yellow modifier key press, they behave as Cursor keys and let you move forwards, backwards, upwards or downwards within text Insert the terminal emulation overlay first the upper side: Fix the overlay with the screwdriver: RAM, but the file system is preserved.

The Registry is restored from persistent memory. A clean boot restores the Skorpio X3 to a clean configuration: A dialog box will appear asking for confirmation. Press the Enter Key. It also makes available the keyboard SIP and window selection. Below is an expanded view of the Control Panel zkorpio all of manuap applets. Windows CE Control Panel There are two sections in the Decoding control panel, each containing additional pages. There are seven General Configuration pages and multiple Barcode symbology pages.

Use it to set volume, tone, duration, and number of various types of beeps. Use it to enable Good Read indications, the use of Green Spot and a to set the decoding timeout for decoding labels. Use dataogic to configure prefix, suffix and data separator character strings. Use it to configure the User ID for symbologies, Redundancy and Aggressive Decoding if supported by the decoding module.


Select a symbology to view or change the available properties settings. It allows enabling and configuration of Spot Beam and triggering modes. It is only available on devices equipped with laser and advanced long range laser decoding modules that support the Spot Beam Feature.

It configures illumination, target beam and Pick List mode, and triggering modes. It is only available on devices equipped with 2D decoding engines. Each barcode symbology opens to its own page, as shown datalogid the figure below. From the control panel main window, double tap the DL Buttons icon.

On the DL Buttons tab, customize the program hardware buttons to launch your most used applications. Select the desired one from the list.

Tap to delete the selected Button. You can only delete Delete the Buttons you have added. To define a new Button, complete the manaul steps: Barcodes containing characters associated with assigned Buttons will trigger the action or application assigned to that Button.

Also, they can be set as wakeup buttons: This allows the user to switch between the various open applications. The application switcher is activated via an assigned shortcut key specified in the DL Buttons tab see par. The Registry also contains information that the operating system continually references to during operation. To persist the Registry settings between boots, do the following steps: Select a time interval from the menu. Mmanual OK to save and exit.

There are two methods to access the SCU. Summit Client Utility To create a new profile, tap the “Profile” tab: Click the “Configure” button Follow the on-screen instructions to setup security parameters for your mabual.

Datalogic Skorpio X3 User Manual – Page 1 of 8 |

For more detailed settings specific to your installation please contact your wireless network administrator. To recalibrate the touch screen, complete the following steps: Repeat as the target moves around the screen.

By completing the calibration procedure you implicitly accept the new calibration settings. New calibration settings are persistently saved in the Registry. Startup Stylus Calibration When starting the terminal, a Welcome Wizard with Stylus Calibration comes up if valid calibration settings are not available.

The audio control panel can be used to independently set the playback or recording volume for different types of audio datalogicc and outputs, such as a headset, powered mobile dock, or the internal speakers and microphone.