Kurt Sonnenfeld’s statement at the presentation of his book El Perseguido ( Persecuted) on May 8, , at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires . Kurt Sonnenfeld (born 12/18/) is an American granted political asylum in Argentina after On May 8, , Kurt Sonnenfeld published El Perseguido (The Persecuted), at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina. In the book . Just how if your day is begun by reading a publication EL PERSEGUIDO By Kurt SONNENFELD Yet, it remains in your gizmo? Everyone will consistently touch.

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As official videographer for the U. Below is an exclusive interview by Voltaire Network. The tapes that reveal some of the anomalies which he discovered at Ground Zero are spnnenfeld in his possession. Accused of a crime that did not occur in a manifest frame-up scenario, especially in light of ensuing events, Kurt Sonnenfeld has been persecuted across continents.

Sonenfeld autobiographical book titled “El Perseguido” Persecuted was recently published in Argentina where you live in exile since Tell us who is persecuting you. Although it is autobiographical, it is not my life story. Rather it is a history of the extraordinary events that have happened to me and my family at the hands of U.

You explained that your request for refugee status within the terms of the Persegudo Convention is still being considered by the Argentinean Senate, while in you were granted political asylum, albeit, on a provisional basis.

That probably makes you the first U. And no doubt the first U. Is this what drove you into exile? A refugee is a person sinnenfeld has been forced to leave or stay away from his or her country for reasons of persecution. But the fact is, requesting refugee status sohnenfeld a risky and dangerous step to take. Any person who requests refugee status on political grounds is by nature making an extreme statement of dissent.

And if your request is denied, what do you do?

Once you make the request, there can be no going back. At the time I was still fairly oblivious to what was actually brewing against me. I came to Argentina for a short respite; to try to recuperate after all that had happened to me. I travelled here freely, with my own passport, using my own credit cards. My return to the United States would not only be a continuation of those violations, but would be aggregated by the separation – perhaps permanent – from my wife and three-year old twin daughters, the only thing remaining that I have to live for.

And then, after the impossibility of receiving a fair trial for a crime that did not happen, I could be subject to the death penalty. Inthe U. Government lodged a request to have you extradited, which was turned down by a Federal Judge. Then, inthe Argentinean Supreme Court — in a show of integrity and independence – turned down the U. Can you shed some light on the situation? Inthe US government appealed again, this time with absolutely no legal foundation, to the Supreme Court, which will surely uphold the two already unassailable rulings made by the Federal Judge.

There were many, many obvious fabrications in the extradition order sent here by US authorities, and, thankfully, we were able prove that. The fact that there were so many fabrications has actually served to support my request for asylum. We were also able to show that we had been subject to a prolonged campaign of harassment and intimidation from US intelligence services.

As a result, since my family has been assigned round-the-clock police protection. As one senator has noted about my case: How do you account for such doggedness? As a FEMA official, you peseguido have been trusted by your government. At what point did the situation capsize? In hindsight, I realize now that the situation had capsized some time before I actually became aware that it had capsized. Initially, the false accusation against me was completely irrational, and I was totally destroyed by it.


It is incredibly difficult to have suffered the sonnebfeld of someone you love to suicide, but to then be accused of it is too much to bear. The case was dismissed based on a mountain of evidence that overwhelmingly absolved me Nancy, my wife, had left behind a suicide note and a journal of suicidal writings ; she had a family history of suicide ; etc.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: El perseguido. Editorial Planeta

But the sustained incarceration even AFTER it was indicated that I was to be freed was what proved to me that something was happening under the surface. During that time, an amazing series of strange events began to occur. After all the dangers I had risked, all hardship and difficulties I had endured for them for almost 10 years, I felt betrayed. It left a void in my soul.

When I was finally released, I discovered that my office had been ransacked, my computer was missing, and that my tape library in my basement had been dug through and several were missing. Anyone who looks for the truth recognizes that there persegguido been an amazing series of irregularities in this case and that an appalling injustice is being carried out on me and my loved ones.

This intense campaign to return me to American soil is a false pretext for other darker motives. You have suggested that you observed things at Ground Zero that did not tally with the official account. Did you do or say anything to arouse suspicion in this respect?

There were many things, in hindsight, that were disturbing at Ground Zero. The Agency was mobilized within minutes, whereas it took ten days for it to deploy to New Orleans to respond to Hurricane Persegjido, even with abundant advance warning! Sonnenfe,d then pedseguido was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks!

This being said, I do find it rather odd sonnenfeld such objects could have survived fairly intact the type of destruction that turned most of the Twin Towers into thin dust. What happened with Building 7 is incredibly suspicious. I have video that shows how curiously small the rubble pile was, and how the buildings to either side were untouched by Building Seven when it kugt.

It had not been hit by an airplane; it had suffered only minor injuries when the Twin Towers collapsed, and there were only small fires ek a couple of floors. Yet the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the Commission. Reportedly, the underground levels of WTC7 contained sensitive and undoubtedly compromising archival material.

Did you come across any of it? Other federal agencies had offices there as well. After September 11, it was discovered that concealed within Building Seven was the largest clandestine domestic station of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Washington DC, a base of operations from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions.

There was no underground parking level at Seven World Trade Center. And there was no underground vault. Instead, the federal agencies at Building Seven stored their vehicles, documents and evidence in the building of their associates across the street. This was where the various government services parked their bomb-proofed cars and armored limousines, counterfeit taxi cabs sonnnenfeld telephone company trucks sonnenfelv for undercover surveillance and covert operations, specialized vans and other vehicles.


Also within that secured parking area was access to the ukrt vault of Building 6. Much of the underground levels beneath it were also destroyed. But there were voids. And it was into one of those voids, recently uncovered, that I descended with a special Task Force to investigate.

It was there we found the security peresguido to the vault, badly damaged. At the far end of the security office was the wide steel door to the vault, a combination code keypad in the cinderblock wall beside it.

But the wall was cracked and partially crumbled, and the door was sprung partially open. So pegseguido checked inside with our flashlights. Except for several rows of empty shelves, there was nothing in the vault but dust and debris.

It had been emptied. Why was it empty? And when could it have been emptied? Yes, but not immediately. With so much chaos, it was difficult to think.

Building Six was evacuated within twelve minutes after the first airplane struck the North Tower. The streets were immediately clogged with fire trucks, police cars and blocked traffic, and the vault was persegkido enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents.

And after the towers fell and destroyed most of the parking level, a mission to recover the contents of the vault would have been impossible. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack. After the existence of their clandestine office in Building Seven was discovered, an agency spokesman told the newspapers that a special team had been dispatched to scour the rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports, though there were millions, if not billions of pages floating in the streets.

Nevertheless, the spokesman was confident. And Customs at first sonneneld that everything was destroyed. That the heat was so intense that everything in the evidence safe had been baked to ash.

But some months later, they announced that they had broken up a huge Colombian narco-trafficking and money-laundering ring after miraculously recovering crucial evidence from the safe, including surveillance photos and heat-sensitive cassette tapes of monitored calls.

Did the others notice the same anomalies? Do you know whether they have also been harassed?

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public, by Gaia Edwards

Actually there were a few people on two different excursions that I know about. Some of us even discussed it afterwards. I will leave it to them to decide, but there is strength in numbers. With the publication of your book, you have become a “whistleblower” — yet another step on which there is no going back!

There must be many people with inside knowledge about what really happened or did not happen on that fateful day. Yet, hardly any have stepped up to the plate and certainly no one who was directly involved in an official capacity.

This is what makes your case so compelling. Judging from your ordeal, it is not difficult to imagine what is holding such people back. Actually, there are several other very smart and credible people blowing whistles, too. And they are being discredited and ignored.