Enermax Liberty W Modular Power Supply. Company: Coolergiant / Enermax Product: ELTAWT Date Reviewed: April 18, Reviewed By: Jason. My latest object of torture is the brand new Liberty Eco series at W, an update of the original Liberty series to add 80 Plus certification. Our second PSU review today is of the high-end enthusiast friendly Enermax ” Liberty” ELAWT watt power supply.

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For very little money you could have a Corsair designed, Seasonic built W power supply for budget builds. I never had a chance to look at an Enermax unit. As is often the case, the box has quite a bit of info on it. So, I thought I would mention it. Still, I’m glad to see the overtemp protection here, as a lot of units at this power level don’t employ that.

Decent price, kept me updated with progress, well packed and they chucked in some sweeties! I’m going higher than that in the hot box, I think. My latest object of torture is the brand new Liberty Eco series at W, an update of the original Liberty series to add 80 Plus certification. Patented air-inlet with optimal aero-dynamical design reducing noisy air turbulences SafeGuard: The recorded results on the test machine are also manually verified with a multimeter to check there is no voltage drop between the PSU connector and the load machine to ensure accuracy.

One power supply, some modular cables, a pouch in which to put those modular cables, a user guide, a nice thick power cord, and a bag with a case label and some screws. For a while now they also offer PC cases, and more recently they released what seems to be the biggest chassis I’ve ever laid my hands on. How many W units do you know of are able to power the cards that would need so many 8 pin PCI-E connectors?


Well, I’ll tell you. Enermax Liberty series power supplies are for those who still live in a cave. Excellent service and super fast delivery. We grab a dozen of the latest W PSU products, strap them to the test machine and put them through their paces. There’s a lot more to take into consideration when selecting a PSU than just a paint job and a power output rating.

Read on to find out more. The two reasons mentioned above from a consumer point of view have been by far the most important development for PSUs, namely stable high output quality power distribution and the option for modability, using only the wires what you need.

Thanks a bunch, Enermax, now I can have the cleanliness of wire sleeving and the tangled variety of rainbow colored wires all in one handy package. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Will it be quite so cheerful after it’s been on the load bench?

We libberty nicely shaped cooled and preferably lit PCs with side windows so we could actually look at the inside of the PC. Long-life, stable PSUs for low-drain systems.

With all your favourite brands tested, who is worth buying for your next upgrade? Stock level indicator Close. Well, I’ll go to W as planned on page two and see what happens.

Enermax “Liberty” EL620AWT 620-watt Power Supply

I do have to say that I like one of these modular cables, for it combines traditional Molex connectors with SATA connectors. For PCI Express 2. With a power rating listed at watts, it should be able to handle anything that we can throw at enermwx, but we’ll go at it like normal and see if this is fact or fiction. Has Intel been at it again without telling me? I have to ask Just watch – tomorrow, nVidia will release a GTX Ultra Extreme with liquid nitrogen cooling that will require twenty 8-pin PCI-E connectors and a nuclear reactor and I’ll have to come back in here and eat my words.


Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis.

▷ Enermax Liberty W ELTAWT ATX Modular… | OcUK

We check to see if the quality of Corsair’s range continues down to the low end Looking at the Eco W from another angle, it becomes plain that Enermax chose a wire sleeving scheme based on Libergy old Kirby vacuum cleaner.

We’ll explain all that to you over the next pages though. The Item is built to order.

The best rail design for this PSU class for maximum safety and compatibility – “best design? The Liberty Eco W isn’t bad looking at all, what with that matte black finish and gold colored fan grille. Still, if the connector distribution is adequate, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary shutting down due to the OCP being tripped with these two 12V rails sitting there at a 30A OCP limit. As mentioned earlier, all the modular cables are 12V1. Still, 93 percent is a big improvement over the old Liberty which only assigned 70 percent to the 12V just Wso while the Liberty Eco might have the same name as its predecessor, it’s definitely a new breed.

And here you libergy.

I’m going to see if the hot box can shut this unit down a bit later on. Corsair’s VXW might be just what you’re looking for. These moist towlettes are never big enough.