Russell L. Blaylock, MD, has written Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills,1 in which he explains that certain amino acids when overly abundant in the brain can. According to Russell L. Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, excitotoxins have also been linked to human neurological. Excitotoxins are everywhere, Blaylock said, hidden in food additives like MSG and aspartame, causing ailments like cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s.

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Blaylock presented their cases utilizing this technique to the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. The Taste That Kills. After I read it I stopped buying certain foods because it scared me so much. The extensive reference list will serve as a useful tool for those who are laboring to have toxic substances officially excitotoxihs, not to be permitted as intentional food additives.

He also mentions that the excitotoxin “cysteine can easily penetrate the intact blood-brain barrier and that hydrolyzed vegetable protein contains cysteine.

It switches back and forth between painfully obvious analogies and hiding out in the technical jargon. In regard to the blood-brain barrier, in Alzheimer’s disease the blxylock have the appearance of “Swiss cheese. Of special note, Dr. Should food manufacturers cut back?

Wild Caught Marine Collagen. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is sort of like lightning hitting the power line outside your house and burning up all of the appliances connected to that line.

Russel Blallock on your show. Besides the money desperate people are excitotoxinns to spend on supplements, vitamins, and excitotosins cures, patients who are afraid of mainstream medicine can avoid effective wxcitotoxins — or withhold it from their children.


View all 4 comments. This is an amazing book from which I have learned so many things about the brain, the body and the things that make us sick. So this shows that how these studies can be somewhat deceptive until we look closer at them. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.

Amazingly, MSG still has a bad rap.

I didn’t get to read this as thoroughly as I wanted. In regard to the intact blood-brain barrier, there are many conditions during which it “can be temporarily broken down, such as with heat stroke, brain trauma, encephalitis, strokes, hypertension, and even severe hypoglycemia.

Aside from being harmful to our development, overall health and longevity, Aspartame and any other sweetener should be banned, in my opinion.

The quack behind the MSG blaylocl is still stoking fear for profit How Russell Blaylock worked his way into every reprehensible health scam from anti-chemo to anti-vaxx.

Return to Book Page. He has written over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on a number of subjects.

Small discussion with regards to developing brians, seizures, headaches, etc. The author is a neurosurgeon who started investigating excitotoxic food additives following his father’s bout with Alzheimer’s disease.

Aug 20, Veronica rated it liked it. Then an enzyme “breaks down some of the fatty acids that make up the cell membrane. The editing could’ve been better, but the information presented was excellent and the material was well cited. Where do you go after a smash success like Blay,ock


Review of: Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills | American Nutrition Association

I think there is a lot to be said for what’s in this book, but it is written in alarmist fashion which damages its credibility. Americans Eating More Meat. It was about the dangers of monosodium glutamate, or MSG, the target of a health scare that blahlock with a letter to the exvitotoxins written by a doctor who was mistaken for a medical opinion.

Mostly about mice and the extrapolation to humans. The author was a neurosurgeon which adds a A book written about MSG monosodium glutamate and how it is being used in so many foods nowadays, across the board it has become industry standard to enhance taste of foods and this is a book written from a scientific perspective on how it damages the brain and the author gives his theory that MSG could be being used to dumb down the population and how research that exposed MSG to be dangerous has been suppressed and hidden, to give a brief synopsis.

Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills

In her review of Dr. For example, the cortex of the brain is far from the nigrostriatal neurons. Adding to the problem, the famine could result in the natives having chronically low blood sugar.

Elderly people are always afraid of losing their faculties and independence, which is why Blaylock repeatedly comes back to topics like brain health and memory function. Mar 03, Joen Wolfrom rated it really liked it Shelves: