This book is about algebra. This is a very old science and its gems have lost their charm for us through everyday use. We have tried in this book to refresh them. THE BERNSTEIN-GELFAND-GELFAND CORRESPONDENCE ring A = H∗(X, k), viewed as a module over the exterior algebra E on A. Read the latest articles of Journal of Algebra at , Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. Equivariant cohomology and the Varchenko–Gelfand filtration Yin Chen, David L. Wehlau.

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Why do we teach it? First of all, solve the Introductory Assignment which can be found at http: Exploratory problems are meant to engage creativity to solve open-ended problems. The fee covers six Assignments of Level I and grading of the student’s work.

E-GCPM allows students to study at home and get personal attention from a qualified mentor. If they have clear material presented in a simple form, they will prefer this to all artificial means of attracting their attention….

E-GCPM is tailored to the individual student – students are velfand to work at a pace that is most natural for their own progress. Gelfand with his colleagues. Gelfand and Tatiana I. Class Notes Each class session, a pair of students will be responsible for taking notes and writing them up.


[] Gr\”{o}bner-Shirshov bases method for Gelfand-Dorfman-Novikov algebras

After a student registers, we send him or her the first Assignment along with the books: One can read what I. Each class session, a pair of students will be responsible for taking notes and writing them up. Each student receives individual feedback, gelvand suggestions and encouragement from a personal mentor. Integer arithmetic the ordering of the integers. Then students receive the next Assignment. Assignments are organized in three Levels. We want to see how you solve the problems from it.

Jordan and William P. These skills learned and mastered at E-GCPM will be useful for students in their future career, far beyond math and science. The lesson should be abbreviated, 30 minutes long, in order to leave time for discussion afterward. This program is for students who want to have a better understanding of mathematics and to enjoy it. Alegbra developed also promotional materials and managed various other aspects of GCPM.

Please note any close collaborators on your homework, and if you receive substantial assistance gslfand any textbook or individual, be sure to credit that person for their contribution. Lesson Plan Project In small groups, students will plan a lesson in algebra. Gelfand but have not yet been prepared for publication.

All of them might take from years to complete. In the future we are planning to update some of the existing GCPM Assignments to be better suited for our current students. Gelfand with his collaborators specifically for students of the correspondence program which he developed and organized in Russia and in the US.


The site is organized and maintained by Tatiana V.

Israel Gelfand – Official Website

The program uses unique teaching materials Assignments and books written by Prof. The program is based on I. To enroll in E-GCPM you will need to mail to us your solutions, a filled registration form and a check. Theory and Practice of Teaching Algebra: The goal of a teacher is to turn these particularities into advantages. Homework will be cuen daily and will be due at the start of the next class.

Theory and Practice of Teaching Algebra: Syllabus

About me Email me: Start talking about numbers and arithmetic. Students can view and solve problems from the Introductory Assignment which can be found at http: In small groups, students will plan a lesson in algebra. Computational exercises are meant to strengthen fundamental understanding. Is a polynomial a function? Gelfand together with Tatiana V.