HD74LSP Specifications: Gate Type: NAND ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Logic Family: TTL ; Inputs: 8 Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HD74LSP . The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas. Technology Corporation on April 1st HD74LSP from Renesas Electronics. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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NTE74LS – IC-TTL ‘D’ Flip-Flops

Therefore, the memory array is said to be 64K x 8. The information described here may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Color Computer 3 Memory Map 1. If a key is being pressed in that column, one of the input lines will be a zero, and the key location will correspond vatasheet the bit that is low.

These clock signals must be present for the CPU to function. This synchronization problem is solved by slightly shifting of the master oscillator frequency and the addition of a phase-locked-loop circuit. This allows the two oscillator to be divided down to the horizontal frequency of For the interrupt routines, registers are preserved on the Stack to be restored upon receipt of the RTI Return-from-Interrupt instruction.

Burst Start Position dtaasheet Connection: A blank section of tape equal to approximately 0. Two of the four lines function only as interrupt inputs, and the other two lines may be used as interrupt inputs or data outputs.


It is also possible that devices which use a larger set of RSC signals may be used with the Color Computer 3. The DAC performs most of the functions of this chip.


Unit Ruijing Building, No. The data format is one start bit, eight data bits, two stop bits, and no parity. IC also contain comparator part, and it divided Ensure that the power cord is properly routed to afford strain relief to the transformer connections. The master crystal oscillator frequency of the PAL version is Although the 68B09E has an 8-bit data bus, internally it contains four bit registers and two additional 8-bit registers which may be linked together to form another bit register.

All information contained in these materials, including product data, diagrams, charts, programs and algorithms represents information on products at the time of. SALT Block Diagram IC8 The SALT chip senses, at pin 2, the amount of current drawn from the supply through R If excessive current is drawn, as in the case of a short or component failure, the SALT will “fold back” the voltage output of the supply by reducing the base drive current, thus protecting the supply.

Before installing any peripheral device, always remember to unplug the Color Computer’s power cord. If this pin is at a low level, all sound except single-bit sound is disabled. PAL input and transforms it to IC is a programmable operates in a divisor o output from the divider to the programmable div IC where a divisor o complete the count-down kHz.


This control voltage is passed through a simple R-C low pass filter and used to control a varactor diode D One file type byte: The mechanical assembly allows both potentiometers to be changed at the same time. Note the only semigraphics mode supported is Semi Four.

HD74LS374P 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) – Renesas Electronics

Turn the unit over and place it on a soft surface to prevent damage to the keyboard or top cover. Figure shows the complete power supply circuit.

Descript ion RS Part No. It is used to detect the presence of a cartridge. For this purpose, the internal oscillator circuit of the IC is used.

For the PAL version, ignore the table attributed to composite. PAL center-tapped for use by the power supply. Throughout this guide a basic knowledge of computers will be assumed, as well as the ability to use a dual-trace oscilloscope.

The push-button switch merely provides a momentary ground contact for an input signal.