24 mar. As Heresias Medievais A Igreja A igreja era a instituição dominante na época medieval portanto, tudo o que le fosse contrario, era combatido. Stream AntiCast – Heresias Medievais by AntiCast from desktop or your mobile device. Heresias Medievais (Em Portuguese do Brasil) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Nachman Falbel (Author of Heresias Medievais)

The english works of John Wycliffe inserted in the religious context of his time: English medieval philosophy John Wycliffe Medieval christianity Medieval heresies Medieval theology Protestant pre-reformist though. The Late Middle Ages, specially the period between and is indispensable to understand the political an religious though not only of the medieval people, but for the comprehension of the modern ages.

In this small period of time much religious turbulence took place in Western Europe. The capital of the Catholic Church moved to Avignon and then returned to Roma, the Church slipt in two different factions in the Great Western Schism and each group was leaded by a different pope, both of them considering themselves as the sumo pontifce and the only true connection between God and men in earth.


The Schism lasts for decades and each pope define the other as the antichrist. In this period the medjevais though grown up and the attempts of reconciliations of the groups jedievais always become effective, in matter of fact once even a pope renounced his post.

Rafael Bosch | Universidade Estadual de Campinas –

John Wycliffe, professor of Theology in Oxford University, lived in this time. He produced a great number of papers in Latin and a even more great number of papers in middle English. His ideas continued with his followers the Lollards. This great thinker created important dialogues with the other heretical thinkers, being one of the most important pre-reformist theologian and creating the bases of the protestant reform.

But the also created the idea that the true Christian church would never be institutionalized neither it could be powerful.

In his sermon The Wicket, using humanistic reason, he united the words of Jesus in the Gospels to prove that would be impossible to create a strong institutionalized church. So, this particular paper was also put aside because it was not interesting for the newly created institutionalized church of the 16th century Studding this medievasi and his works, specially the Hereaias is very important to better understand not only the medieval church, but the institutionalized church of all times.


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