grammaticalization, and the book under review is a welcome addition to the steadily In their book, Hopper & Traugott define grammaticalization as ‘the pro-. Traugott ; Hopper & Traugott []), is a basic type of change that may lead to Claims about “constructions” and grammaticalization in earlier work. Grammaticalization: Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press, second ed., [], xx +.

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It was not until the s, with the growth of interest in discourse analysis and linguistic universalsthat the interest for grammaticalization in linguistic studies began to grow again.

Annual review of anthropology 25 1, Grammatical constructions and their discourse origins: Humboldtputting Sino-Tibetan languages in a sharp contrast to the other languages in the world in typology.

Obligatorification occurs when the use of linguistic structures becomes increasingly more obligatory in the process of grammaticalization.

Retrieved from ” https: Selected pages Title Page. Other editions – View all Grammaticalization Paul J. The following will be a non-exhaustive list of authors who have written about the subject with their individual approaches to the nature of the term ‘grammaticalization’.

In Latin the original future tense forms e. Among recent publications there is a wide range of descriptive studies trying to come up with umbrella definitions and exhaustive lists, while others tend to focus more on its nature and significance, questioning the opportunities and boundaries of grammaticalization. Account Options Sign in. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A number of semantic, syntactic and phonologicalprocesses interact in the grammaticalization of morphemes and of whole constructions.


Janda, for example, wrote that “given that even writers on grammaticalization themselves freely acknowledge the involvement of several distinct processes in the larger set of phenomena, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the notion of grammaticalization, too, tends to represent an epiphenomenal telescoping.

This study focuses on the use and meaning of grammatical markers of tense, aspect, and modality and identifies a The system can’t perform the operation now. That is, it may involve certain typical “path way s”, but the latter seem to be built out of separate stepping-stones which can often be seen in isolation and whose individual outlines are always distinctly recognizable”.

Chapter one, Hopper and Traugott

Heine writes that “once a lexeme is conventionalized as a grammatical markerit tends to undergo erosion; that is, the phonological substance is likely to be reduced in some way and to become more dependent on surrounding phonetic material”. Instead, a phrase like cantare habeoliterally I have got to sing acquired the sense of futurity cf. Applied cognitive linguistics I: Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Pratt,Grammaticalization co-authored with Paul J.


New citations to this author. Lehmann also invented a set of ‘parameters’, a method along which rtaugott could be measured both synchronically and diachronically.

Expanding the Definition of Grammaticalization. In chapter I, first some preliminary In some verbs the process went further and produced irregular forms [cf. In addition, unidirectionality refers to a general developmental orientation which all or the large majority of the cases of grammaticalization have in common, and which can be paraphrased in abstract, general terms, independent of any specific case. Cambridge University Press, An introductory essay for the volume PJ Hopper Tense-aspect: Where grammaticalization takes place, nouns and verbs which carry certain lexical meaning develop over time into grammatical items such as auxiliariescase markersinflections, and sentence connectives.

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Phonetic erosion also called phonological attrition or phonological reductionis another process that is often linked to grammaticalization. Though neo-grammarians like Brugmann rejected the separation of language into distinct “stages” in favour of uniformitarian assumptions, [4] they were positively inclined towards some of these earlier linguists’ hypotheses. Linguists have come up with different interpretation of the term ‘grammaticalization’, and there are many alternatives to the definition given in the introduction.

For example, the demonstrative ‘that’ as in “that book” came to be used as a relative clause marker, and lost the grammatical category of number ‘that’ singular vs. An example is the phrase to up the ante, which incorporates the preposition up a function word in a verb a content word but without up becoming a verb outside of this lexical item. Another example of grammaticalization occurs in American English with surewhere it is used in routine phrases and as a response.

It implies that a linguistic expression loses phonetic substance when it has undergone grammaticalization. Indeed, the possibility of counterexamples, coupled with their rarity, is given as evidence for the general operating principle of unidirectionality.

Joan Bybee and her colleagues present a new theory of the evolution of grammar that links structure and meaning in a way that directly challenges most contemporary versions of generative grammar.