I6: Ravenloft is an adventure module for the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Created as a Gothic/Hammer Horror-themed. Ravenloft, I6 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Official Game Adventure #) [ Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman] on *FREE* shipping on. 15 items Find great deals on eBay for ravenloft i6. Shop with confidence.

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There are very few adventures that are better thought of than Ravenloft.

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. How could it be any different?

It is just very difficult to pull off well! Retrieved February 11, Afterwards, Hickman asked him ravenllft. New SF and Fantasy gamesand rulebooks reviewed by independent authorities. It gives the impression of a village living under the scourge, and that might be enough.

I6: Ravenloft

Clark Petersonpresident of Necromancer Games ravenlott, singled out the maps and Strahd for praise, saying the vampire is “perhaps one of the best villains of all time”. Once there, the magic of the land makes it impossible to escape, and so the characters will be forced to deal with Strahd and his plans before they can return home.

Various story elements, including Strahd’s motivation and the locations of magical weaponsare randomly determined by drawing cards. Is your fantasy campaign Additive, Subtractive, or Transformative? Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Ravenloft is an adventure for 6 to 8 characters of levels 5 to 7. Ravenloft won one award, and was included on two “best of” lists. The catacombs, where player characters were teleported away and replaced with undead wightsravneloft singled out at as the adventure’s “defining moment” by the magazine’s editors.


The Moral Imperative of Fantasy”. Dungeon Master For Dummies.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved March 5, Cold air rushes up from the shaft sending a chill through your every bone.

AD&D Review: I6 Ravenloft

He chose his end when he first chose to kill his brother. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Tags separate by space: The story involves a party of player characters PCs who travel to the land of Barovia ravenpoft, a small nation surrounded by a deadly magical fog.

This page does not exist. To most of the players it seemed like a straight forward task: Super Endless Quest Books. However, it is the evocation of the genre that succeeds more than the actual implementation. In James Craig Holte.

AD&D Review: I6 Ravenloft – Merric’s Musings

Expedition ravelnoft Castle Ravenloft excerpts: GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: The bulk of the adventure is set in Castle Ravenloft, where the Hickmans have a number of nasty creatures and wondrous treasures waiting to you. The fifth and final card selected determines Strahd’s motivation. Ravenloft inspired a campaign setting of the same name[3] published in What Ravenloft does well is focus on the villain: He commented that there was “so much gothic atmosphere in Ravenloft that if it had any more, it’d flap its pages and fly away”, and stated that the bulk of the adventure involving a search of Castle Ravenloft was “not too interesting” with encounters few and far between, and that the mechanic of using a regular deck of cards to simulate a gypsy fortune teller was “silly and the results are too arbitrary” but concluded that ” Ravenloft is such a refreshing change that even with its problems, it’s recommended.


The master of nearby Castle Ravenloft, Count Strahd von Zarovichtyrannically rules the country, and a prologue explains that the residents must barricade their doors each night to raavenloft attacks by Strahd and his minions. The main objective of the game is to destroy Count Strahd. The Burgomaster ‘s mansion is the focus of these attacks, and, for reasons that are not initially explained, Strahd is after the Burgomaster’s adopted daughter, Ireena Kolyana.

Ravenloft (module) – Wikipedia

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: It makes a few assumptions about the goals of Strahd that may not actually ring true in the end. Dark Sun Dark Sun: The House on Gryphon Hill”. More Information Edit History. The player characters attempt to defeat Strahd and, if successful, the adventure ends.

Ravenloft has won one award, been included on two “best of” lists, and was generally well received by critics of its era. Sure enough, the vampire was up there in the castle.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Several reviewers liked the included maps, and White Dwarf magazine gave it 8 out of 10 overall. Ravenloft Average Rating: