by. Jeremy Silman. · Rating details · ratings · 42 reviews. How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked. The snarky side of my mind says the reason there are x editions of the book is Silman wants to make money. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the . The Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Jeremy Silman; pages; Siles Press, The definitive answer to my title line would be welcomed.

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Target Consciousness Visualize the main weakness of your opponent and yours position, and go for it! They are worth listing, with the deflating view in parentheses: If you post your own games, include your own annotations.

What Should the Average Player Study? | The Week in Chess

Bigger, more polished, and unquestionably: His organization, example games and great enthusiasm and humor was spread throughout the book! An excellent work by Silman! Submit a new link. For example, one of the biggest points he makes is “don’t make useless threats.

Great book, the only thing that would improve this work is a yohr of the games in pgn or cbv format. Have you looked into the ketogenic diet? It continues Amateur’s Mind ideas, going much further. Space Spacespace space! A very good read. Don’t allow him to castle. Refresh and try again. Personally, I suck at visualization of the board, but I digress.

The board itself is telling you what to do! Log in or sign up in seconds. The other editions are pretty much Silman saying the same things using different words and different examples. Log In or Join. Silman gives a wonderful description of putting together imbalances to jerdmy a winning position.


How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess Mastery Course

How to Reassess Your Chess: It won’t arrive until the middle of the week. What USCF rating level do you think it would be most helpful for? His output ranges from technical theoretical works to books for the beginner and average player. Producing a cork from a pocket in his jeans, he rams it home to stop your noggin from leaking, and then gives your head a thorough shaking for good measure.

It’s the type of book you have to go through a few times for everything to really stick, but after you do you’ll have gained an awareness of a lot of things that you hadn’t before. As TWIC readers may have gleaned, I believe in learning from realistic positions requiring concrete solutions. Sign up using Email chesw Password. The concept theme of imbalances is well explained and each chapter is filled with personal anecdotes and real life games to support a teaching.

He said until you resolve that part of your game, focusing on rexssess and strategy aren’t going to do you any good. Want to Read saving…. Ylur liked the problem-solution format since I absorbed the material better having thought about it myself before looking at the answer, than I would have just reading through the solutions. Of course, there are certainly worthwhile exceptions out there many published by small presses.

Submit a new link. You must maneuver one of your knights to that permanent outpost so as to harass your enemy while you shutdown his rook play on the half-open file!

One of the best instructional books on chess I’ve ever read. I’d say Amateur’s Mind. Feb 29, Steve Toyne rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s one of those books that every chess player should own, in my estimation. The core of the Workbook consists of problems, of them set in the opening, Middlegame, or ending. There isn’t much that is original, but the packaging is good. I have only just completed reassess 2nd chapter. Another tack would be the Yusupov series from quality chess – these really have a lot to be said for them.


His strategic suggestion is to use wishful thinking. Although they are packed full of good advice, the thinking technique he proposes is unrealistic, in my opinion.

Try to study the main imbalances of each position. Another problem is that it’s very hard to understand what he is saying sometimes.

In fact, if you got a copy of Silman’s mammoth Complete Endgame Course and wondered, “what would it be like if Reassess was this big? Players with attractive female avatars 52yrral 14 min ago. For instance, the first part is all about endgames. Is this because it goes over complicated chess theory, or because lower ranked players may be expected to be generally bad at chess and the book would be of no help. IM Silman is a world class teacher!

Chess Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Once again, I think we get lost in tactics, when the focus of the book is strategy at least in my understanding.

How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked improvement in anyone’s game. Nevertheless, its main function is to address those who have achieved a certain level of play in the aforementioned range and are having difficulty improving.