Le Horla (). February 16, Some say that Maupassant was himself half insane at the time of its writing. He did have syphilis for some time prior and did. Le Horla. First published in This edition published by It is he, the Horla, who haunts me, and who makes me think of these foolish. Le Horla () (French Edition) [Guy De Maupassant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint.

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I without any doubt.

American horror writer H. Similar phenomena occur in the dreams which lead us through the most unlikely phantasmagoria, without causing us any surprise, because our verifying apparatus and our sense of control has gone to sleep, while our imaginative faculty wakes and works. Quand nous sommes seuls longtemps,nous peuplons le vide de fantomes. Similar phenomena occur in dreams, and lead us through the most unlikely phantasmagoria, without causing us any surprise, because our verifying apparatus and our sense of control have gone to sleep, while our imaginative faculty wakes and works.

Lastly, on July 9 I put only water and milk on my table, taking care to wrap up the bottles in white muslin and to tie down the stoppers. Ever since man has thought, since he has been able to express and write down his thoughts, he has felt himself close to a mystery which is impenetrable to his coarse and imperfect senses, and he endeavors to supplement the feeble penetration of his organs by the efforts of his intellect.

I said to the monk who accompanied me: Whence come those mysterious influences which change our happiness into discouragement, and our self-confidence into diffidence? Do not dogs occasionally bite and strangle their masters? I was walking at two o’clock among my rose-trees, in the full sunlight – in the walk bordered by autumn roses which are beginning to fall.

Much to his surprise, all his troubles vanish in toto. Throughout the short story, the main character’s sanity, or rather, his feelings of alienation, are put into question as the Horla progressively dominates his thoughts. A play by Alexandre Dumas the Younger was being acted, and his active and powerful mind completed my borla.

He found that my pulse was high, my l dilated, my nerves highly strung, but no alarming symptoms. I turned round suddenly, but I was alone.


But on hora top of Mont Saint-Michel or in India, we are terribly under the influence of our surroundings. I like this part of the country and I am fond of living horlw because I am attached to it by deep roots, profound and delicate roots which attach a man to the soil on which his ancestors were born and died, which attach him to what people think and what they eat, to the usages as well as to the food, local expressions, the peculiar language of the peasants, to the smell of the soil, of the villages and of the atmosphere itself.

I do not feel this perfidious sleep coming over me as I used to, but a sleep which is close to me and watching me, which is going to seize me by the head, to close my eyes and annihilate me.

I started off to the right, and got back into the avenue which had led me into the middle of the forest. What is the matter with me? I had forgotten the servants!

Literary Encyclopedia | Le Horla

I did not the least know. The Horla by Guy de Maupassant. To ask other readers questions about The Horlaplease sign up. What a sight, when one arrives as I did, at Avranches toward the end of the day!

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I have just come from consulting my medical man, for I can no longer get any sleep. He found that my pulse was high, my eyes dilated, my nerves highly strung, but no alarming symptoms. What a strange, strange idea! By this time the house was nothing but a horrible and magnificent funeral pile, a monstrous pyre which lit up the whole country, a pyre where men were burning, and where He was burning also, He, He, my prisoner, that new Being, the new Master, the Horla!

On July 6, before going to bed, I put some wine, milk, water, bread, and strawberries on my table. If a glass without quicksilver behind it were to bar my way, I should run into it, just like a bird which has flown into a room breaks its head against the windowpanes. What forms, what living beings, what animals are there yonder? Thereupon I said bluntly: Why not other elements beside fire, air, earth, and water? When one of the winter caretakers of an isolated mountain inn goes missing, loneliness beings to take its toll on the other.

He later decides that he is not, in fact, going mad, since he is fully “conscious” of his “state” and that he could indeed “analyze it with the most complete lucidity. This time, I am not mad. I got up softly, and I walked to the right and left for sometime, so that he might not guess anything; then I took off my boots and put on my slippers carelessly; then I fastened the iron shutters and going back to the door quickly I double-locked it with a padlock, putting the key into my pocket.


I cannot stop at home with this fear hanging over me and these thoughts in my mind; I shall go away. Madness, an epidemic of madness, which may be compared to that contagious madness which attacked the people of Europe in the Middle Ages, is at this moment raging in the Province of San—Paulo. I am experiencing that condition in my moral being in a strange and distressing manner.

I must be the plaything of my enervated imagination, unless I am really a somnambulist, or that I have been brought under the power of one of those influences which have been proved to exist, but which have hitherto been inexplicable, which are called suggestions. The reason is, that its nature is more perfect, its body finer and more finished than ours, that ours is so weak, so awkwardly conceived, encumbered with organs that are always tired, always on the strain like locks that are too complicated, which lives like a plant and like a beast, nourishing itself with difficulty on air, herbs and flesh, an animal machine, which is a prey to maladies, to malformations, to decay; broken-winded, badly regulated, simple and eccentric, ingeniously badly made, a coarse and a delicate work, the outline of a being which might become intelligent and grand.

Maupassant wrote six novels, three travel books, a book of verse and over short stories.

I wait for its coming with dread, and my heart beats and my legs tremble, while my whole body shivers beneath horlaa warmth of the bedclothes, until the moment when I suddenly fall asleep, as a man throws himself into a pool of stagnant water in order to drown.

Why should not there be forty, four hundred, four thousand! Aug 03, Sidik Fofana rated it it was amazing.